Loose Lead Walking Workshop

Loose Lead Walking Workshop

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Do you remember when you were just about to get a dog and you were dreaming about all the joy a dog will add to your life?

Chilling out on the sofa together on a rainy evening. Teaching them cool tricks . Playing fetch and tug. Taking lots of fun photos. Enjoying relaxing walks in a forest or down the beach... and then something went wrong with the walks... It's actually a nightmare! 

- Your dog is pulling like a train

- Your dog is lunging at the end of the lead every time they see other animal

- Your dog doesn't focus on you like at home

- Or maybe your dog is scarred of everything outside your house

You constantly feel embarrassed. It's not good for you either for your dog. Pulling and lunging can cause serious health problems. You need help.

Me & My Dog Academy  has a great solution for you!

Loose Lead Walking workshop is an intensive 3h course designed to focus only on this big topic to give you tools and knowledge to turn this horrible daily issue into pure enjoyment!

You will learn how dogs think and why they do what they do when you leave your front door.

You will be armed with many training tactics, games and troubleshooting solutions.

This is practical workshop designed for both owners and their dogs. Limited spaces. Refreshments will be provided. 

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  • £30 discounted price for MAMDA students

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