Summer OUT & ABOUT Classes

Summer OUT & ABOUT Classes


We often hear from our clients:

  • My dog will do it at home but not in different environments

  • My dog can’t focus on the walks

  • My dog ignores me when off lead

  • My dog will walk nicely in a training centre but pulls like a train the minute we leave the class

  • I feel embarrassed when my dog is misbehaving

We have a perfect solution for you and your dog! - a series of Summer Out & About Classes

🐾 4 different locations

🐾 Every session will provide new strategies

🐾 Small groups

🐾 Lots of individual help from qualified instructors

🐾 2h classes - theory and practice

You can book just one session or take a full advantage with discounted package of 4 :-)

23/06/2019 from 9am till 11am at Parley Common Nature Reserve

28/07/2019 from 9am till 11am at Southbourne Beach

25/08/2019 from 9am till 11am at Secret Location

22/09/2019 from 9am till 11am at West Moors Forrest

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