The School Of Canine Science - October Seminar

The School Of Canine Science - October Seminar


Me & My Dog Academy is extremally pleased to host the founders of The School of Canine Science to run weekend seminar for dog professionals.

This unique 2 day event presented by world’s top dog trainers, instructors and behaviourists will be jam packed to provide education and inspiration for all attendees.

It is going to be the only chance in 2019 to see the Nando, Jo-Rosie & Dean together in UK presenting non handling courses!

3 Courses in 2 days - Behaviourism 101, The Art of Consultation and The Science of Scent.

Day 1 Behaviourism 101

Presenter: Dean Nicholas
Duration: Full Day 9am - 4pm

Details: Behaviourism 101 is a complete one day introduction to how dogs learn within the framework of this discipline. There is no doubt that the cornerstones of practical canine training has evolved as a result of the hypothesis’ tried and tested within this paradigm. Without understand behaviourism it’s almost impossible for trainers to know where to start. However, so much of this field has been dumbed down over the years that myths such as Pavlov using a bell; and Skinner placing his operant diagnostic tools into a quadrant have become commonly held views upon which practice is placed. This causes commotion and chaos as well as poor training practice. Learn about the key concepts in animal training, the major experiments in behaviourism and learn the terminology to ensure your practice is purely science-based.

Day 1 The Art Of Consultation

Presenter: Jo-Rosie Haffenden
Duration: Evening talk, 5pm - 8:30pm
Training 121s are a far cry from behaviour consultations both in terms of cost and what an owner/vet should expect. This practical seminar teaches trainers how to carry-out unrivalled behaviour consultations. During the seminar we cover the following: • How to increase client acquisition and make friends with vets • Preparing and making initial contact: turning questions into sales • Tailoring and analysing the perfect history form • Vets, how to get what you want, give them what they want and create a united front for the owner • Client interviews: a new process of consultation • Preparing to visit a dog presenting with challenging behaviour • A formula for successful consultation • Support packages: how to build them, how to provide them • Partnerships and collaborations: embracing local competitors • How, when and how much to charge: appropriate fees
During the seminar we use real life video case studies, phone calls and written exercises to ensure that delegates leave with all the tools to do the job.

Day 2 The Science Of Scent

Presenter: Nando Brown
Duration: Full Day 9am - 4pm

Details: This 1-day theory based lecture covers olfaction in depth. Topics include: • The journey from nose to brain • How dogs gather and process scent • How scent behaves • The process of training the sport scent dog using learning theory and minimally aversive techniques
 This is also a required step for the WSDA official instructor program. The course presentation will be sent to participants 48 prior to attendance and course notes and videos will be sent after the course. This course is ideal for any trainers training any type of nose work including scent discrimination, detection, search and rescue, medical alert, working trials, tracking or man trailing.

The seminar is open to all dog professionals; dog trainers, dog behaviourists, dog rescue centre workers, pet groomers, dog walkers and dog careers.

Venue: The Centre Ferndown, Barns Road, Ferndown, BH22 8XH, Dorset. (5.5m from Bournemouth airport)


Early bird tickets available till 30th of April - £219

Full Price £249

Accommodation (not included in ticket price):

  • Premier Inn Ferndown, 0.9m from the venue (15min walk), room prices starts from £30/night

  • St Leonards Hotel, 2.5m from the venue

  • If you are thinking about staying longer to discover beautiful South Coast, Bournemouth Pier is only 10m from the venue and lots of hotels available around.

Seminar details:

Free parking is available at the venue

Hot lunches and refreshments will be provided

No dogs except registered assistance dogs

All registrations are for the full, two - day seminar

Refund policy up to 60 days before the event (10% admin fee will be deducted).


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