Bombproof Boxer Course

Bombproof Boxer Course


Max 5 Dogs | 8 Sessions | Saturdays 11 AM | The Centre Ferndown, Barns Road, BH22 8XH

Next Course Starts 5th of October.

A unique class you will not find elsewhere! This course has been designed for boxers only. We know, understand and love the breed. Through this programme you will learn how to work with your dog in situations you face on a daily basis. We focus on teaching your dog life skills - such as self control, calmness (how to deal with over excitement), focus, growing confidence, nice lead manners & reliable recall. Although most of the exercises are based on games you will still finish the course with good sit/stay, down, loose lead walking strategies and boundary skills. Your dog will be calmer, more confident, relaxed and concentrated on you:-)

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