Perfect Puppy Package

Perfect Puppy Package


Puppies develop very fast and are learning 24/7. The earlier you start with training, the better you will prepare your puppy for adulthood and your life will be so much easier! It takes time and effort to raise a well adjusted, bombproof dog, and we would love to help you to achieve this.
Our unique package is designed to cover variety of topics: bringing new puppy home, first night, common puppies struggles, puppy introduction to multi-pet household, advice and training before attending puppy classes, handling skills, appropriate socialisation and problem prevention.

Perfect Puppy Package include:

  • ‘Before puppy arrives’ consultation

  • 3 x pre-vaccination home training sessions

  • A month of puppy classes

  • Puppy starter pack full of resources and training tools

  • Trainer support via email, phone or messages

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