Our Terms

  1. It is your responsibility to ensure your dog is fit and healthy to attend training, your dog must be fully vaccinated (titre test would be accepted) and not suffering from any infectious that could be transmitted to any other dog. If in doubt about your dog’s health please consult a veterinarian. Dogs who are ill, injured or in season are not allowed to attend class. However, on these occasions it is advisable that the owner still attends alone so they can continue the training at home.

  2. Dogs must always be kept under control when I am entering your premises. Please use a muzzle if necessary. Any injury caused by your dog being out of control will be your full responsibility.

  3. I am fully insured however any accidents or injuries during our training session will not be covered if you have failed to use the appropriate equipment or failed to follow my advice.

  4. Please keep dogs on leads at all times, unless otherwise directed by your trainer.

  5. Payment for dog training classes are subject to a monthly payment. Private consultations and training package fees must be paid via bank transfer 12h prior the first consultation or by cash before the session starts.

  6. Me & My Dog Academy reserves the right to cancel the contract (at any time and with immediate effect) if any dog/s under the contact does not respond well to the therapy plan and/or other dogs. Partial refunds will apply.

  7. All package bookings must commence within three months of the first appointment.

  8. Classes are ongoing, paid on a monthly basis. If you can not attend a class please inform your instructor in advance, before making a payment. Any last minute cancellation or not attendance will not be refunded.

  9. The trainer will apply personal judgment and cut short a walk if necessary, because of extreme weather conditions: excessive heat, torrential rain, thunder storms and snow/ice. The decision to do so lays with the judgment of the walker for the safety of themselves, your dog(s), members of the public and other animals. In such circumstances the decision to give a refund for that session (either complete or partial) is at discretion of Me & My Dog Academy.

  10. In some cases, I use stooge dogs or demo dogs in class. You will be responsible for keeping your dog a sufficient and safe distance from my dogs.

  11. Harsh handling or the use of physical force on dogs in our classes / during private consultation is not allowed. Choke / prong collars, chains and flexi leads are banned.

  12. Children should be supervised at all times and stay at a safe distance from all dogs. Classes are great for children and dogs to learn how to act appropriately around each other. Children are expected to listen when the tutor is talking and to refrain from disturbing the class.

  13. Cars are parked at their owner’s risk. We do not accept any responsibility for theft or damage to cars or property whilst at training.

  14. The information on your booking form will only be used as a record of you and your dog and to contact you in relation to dog training activities and will not be passed on to any third parties.

  15. By agreeing to the T&C’s, you give Me & My Dog Academy permission to publish in print, electric, video format and via social media the likeness or image of you and/or your dog. You release all claims against Me & My Dog Academy with respect to privacy right, copyright ownership and publication, including any claim for compensation related to use of the materials.

Having read the terms above, please complete the form below to show that your acceptance. Please do not complete this form if you are unhappy with any of the terms as set out above, and instead speak to a member of the team. Thank you in advance!

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